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NexDine team members share their experiences:


“NexDine really took the time to understand what I was good at and also where I wanted to be in my career, then offered me the perfect opportunity to grow and advance my career. I love what I do and love being part of the NexDine family.”

Chef Ashley Joyal, NexDine Chef Manager

“It is so refreshing to work for a company who strives to keep up with the current trends but at the same time allows me to use my years of experience in creating menus and a dining experience that suits the needs of our customers.NexDine is more than a company I work for – they are family! I am proud to be a NexDine employee.”

Daryl Denman, NexDine General Manager


“I can’t remember the last time I worked for a company whose passion for excellence, eye for details and desire for the best employees has been at the level of NexDine.It is an honor to be a part of such a great team!”

Brandon Whittall, NexDine Chef Manager


“What I appreciate most about being a NexDine employee is the provision of both support and independence. The management team is receptive, responsive and helpful.There is an atmosphere of trust in their chefs and creative license is encouraged. I feel that this freedom allows each account to tailor its menu and style to the individual preferences of their clientele and gives our team members a sense of ownership. I truly enjoy being a part of the NexDine team and creating fun, innovative meals for my customers every day!”

Laura Moses, NexDine Chef Manager


“I have worked for NexDine for over 5 years as a chef manager. The company has allowed me to grow and provide excellent customer service in major accounts. NexDine is supportive of my personal and professional life providing me with a quality core team and relationships that encourage me to deliver superior quality food service.”

Jay Bradway, NexDine Chef Manager


“Working for NexDine is a great experience. It is a heartfelt company that not only takes care of their employees and customers but makes you feel like home while doing so.NexDine is a great company to work for and I am grateful to be part of such a wonderful company.”

Mike Reitano, NexDine Chef Manager


  • Malisah Gaston and Nick DiCarlo

    Malisah Gaston and Nick DiCarlo

  • Ashely Joyal

    Ashely Joyal

  • Mike Adams

    Mike Adams

  • Laura Moses

    Laura Moses

  • Ryan Turcotte

    Ryan Turcotte

  • Daryl Denman

    Daryl Denman

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