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Analytic Approach

Don't compromise your vision of a better service. Our proven management techniques will deliver the financial results that increase your people investment.

NexDine developed and follows a smart business approach that applies our “Fresh Ideas” thinking—from smart menu planning and purchasing to careful management—to build your profitability. This includes seven areas where you can effectively reduce costs in your dining service.

NexDine's “Seven P's” approach to managing costs:

1. Purchasing

We study the purchasing habits of diners so we know the best-sellers on the menu—20% of the items usually constitute 80% of the sales. With 20,000 new food products introduced each year, there may be new items of equal or better quality that are available at a lower cost.

2. Product Mix

By leveraging today’s POS technology, we can better track analytics on dining service purchases. With more knowledge, we can adjust the product mix to meet changing trends and increase profitability.

3. Portions

“Eyeballing” isn’t a wise way to handle serving sizes—too much and you’re giving up profits; too little and you risk making your customers unhappy. We apply portion control methods to find the right balance.

4. Production and Waste

Over-production and spoilage lead to unnecessary waste in your foodservice operation. We use technology to identify, track, and record food waste which enables us to significantly increase profitability.

5. Presentation

There are dozens of new innovations to make food look more attractive and to reduce waste. Entire industries are now devoted to the marketing and display of both hot and cold foods. We utilize these new cutting-edge techniques for displaying food.

6. Pilferage

Cash and inventory are two main areas where new technology can quickly spot errors. We routinely perform cash and inventory audits.

7. Pricing

When creating the menus, we look at mouthwatering flavor and nutritious ingredients, underscored by equally appetizing value. With detailed reporting and an understanding of the psychology of pricing, we regularly review costs, looking at each item individually rather than applying across-the-board price increases that upset your customers.

  • Real-time financial reporting

    Real-time financial reporting

  • Real-time customer feedback

    Real-time customer feedback

  • Optimal portion control

    Optimal portion control

  • Innovative dining environments

    Innovative dining environments

NexDine's Fresh Ideas