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Menu Innovation

Our innovative approach starts with a menu and style of service that is unique to you, your people, and your café. You’re different and we know it!

From corporate dining and catering, to education, to assisted living residences and beyond, our Fresh Ideas approach to dining service means a unique culinary experience—not off-the-shelf thinking—that incorporate fresh, local ingredients. We recognize that today’s diners have a more evolved palate and a wider range of dietary needs, like gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan. We’ve raised the standard for dining services, so that your diners can, too.

  • We Understand the Business of Dining

    Your foodservice partner should blend creativity in menu planning with a profitable bottom line, without having to compromise either. NexDine delivers the right blend so you get a sustainable food experience that meets everyone’s needs and appetites.

  • The NexDine Freshness Factor

    From fresh-baked breads and desserts to utilizing seasonal vegetables and making our own sauces, salsas, and flavored mayonnaises, we focus on the freshest ingredients for the best flavor and nutrition.

  • Innovative Menu Planning

    We customize each menu according to the food survey responses from your diners, so that we meet your dining service needs, not vice versa.

  • Wholesome Food Preparation

    Our menu choices are developed by the chefs who understand the intricacies of gourmet food preparation, not the purchasing agents who never see the inside of a commercial kitchen.

  • The Food Safety Initiative

    Every member of NexDine’s staff is carefully trained in the USDA’s core principles for food safety—Cook, Separate, Clean, Chill—to ensure we serve food that’s both safe and delicious.

  • Health and Wellness that Works

    Our HealthSense program provides an easy way to make sensible dining choices. Just look for our HealthSense logo and the associated nutritional information to make fresh, healthy, and sensible dining choices.

  • Sustainability is at Our Core

    NexDine is committed to implementing sustainable practices in all of our dining services. The success of our company is determined by our ability to exceed customer expectations and deliver flavorful menus while working in congruence with nature itself.

  • Wholesome food preparation

  • The NexDine freshness factor

  • Innovative menu planning

NexDine's Fresh Ideas