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Return to Office: Innovation and Creative Employee Amenities

Flexible Contracts and Innovative Partnerships in Dining & Hospitality Services Key to Office Return The off-again on-again plans for return-to-office are back on for employers. But for many, the environment will be very different. Announced plans for companies from Citigroup…

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Return To Office: Challenges and Uncertainties

Return to Office: Challenges and Uncertainties Service disruptions can undermine morale and damage your brand, regardless of whether your dining services are in-house or contracted. Are you impacted by the challenge of finding and keeping good, reliable, and professional dining staff…

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Return To Office: Flexibility and Innovation

Return-to-office success requires unprecedented flexibility and innovation that NEXDINE is using to disrupt the contract foodservice marketplace.There is a lot at stake for companies planning and implementing return-to-office strategies. Do you have the right dining, catering, and hospitality services partner?Employees…