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Food Waste

Reducing Food WasteAbout a third of the food produced on Earth goes to waste! Our team takes a “root-to-stem” approach in the kitchen by turning scraps into amazing dishes. Other scraps get composted and used in our on-site gardens to…

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Our Honey Bee Hives

Supporting Our PollinatorsWe partner with The Best Bees Company and host our own honeybee hives. Our Hobbs Brook location reported the on-site beehives produced 40lbs of honey in 6 months alone. Not only do the hives produce amazing honey, but the bees…

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Our Living Micro Farms

Our Living Micro Farms 🌱Fresh, delicious herbs and vegetables from our Micro-Farms are harvested at the peak of flavor and nutrition to enrich our communities' diningexperience year-round. In just 15 square feet, we can grow and harvest the equivalent of…