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Your choice of dining and hospitality service management providers is an important one. Whether it’s to enhance your employees’ satisfaction and productivity or create meaningful differentiation for your company, senior living community, or independent school, you need a true partner who will work with you to provide the best possible dining and hospitality service experience.

Looking to improve your revenue? Want to boost employee satisfaction? NEXDINE’s unique approach to hospitality service management can help you reach your goals.


Dining and Hospitality Services Management

What is Hospitality Service Management?

In the dining and hospitality industries, how you run your team is one of the most important predictors of success. Looking to improve your revenue? Want to boost employee satisfaction? NEXDINE’s unique approach to hospitality service management can help you reach your goals. We can help you run things smoothly in your industry. From senior living facilities to education entities to dining establishments, we have a broad scope of management services available for you!

The hospitality industry includes hotels, assisted living facilities, educational buildings, and more. These entities are built on a common idea – that guests, clients, or other paying customers should have an enjoyable experience. Hospitality is about serving others, whether that be through offering meals, living arrangements, or luxury services. To effectively run any hospitality service, you must have top-notch management practices. That is where NEXDINE comes in.

Hospitality Management Services
Culinary Commitments
Dining and Hospitality Management
Dining and Hospitality Management

Hospitality Management Excellence

Who Do We Serve?

It’s no accident that NEXDINE has been named a “Top Riser” in revenue growth rate two years in a row by Food Management. NEXDINE’s approach to dining services management recognizes the pivotal role the dining experience plays in the happiness, productivity, and preference of your employees, residents, students, and other diners.

We provide beneficial hospitality services management to several types of businesses across the country. Our community-focused approach ensures that no matter where you are, you can give back and enjoy the fruits of improved connections with those in your area.


Senior Living

Dining and Hospitality Services

We care about creating a personalized and strong community experience in Senior Living. We offer Facilities Management, Wellness, Fitness, and Culinary solutions for Independent Living, Assisted Living, CCRC/Life Plan Communities, and Skilled Nursing Facilities.

NEXDINE partners with many senior living facilities across the nation to improve their operations and community experiences. As a result, seniors enjoy a higher quality of life for as long as possible.

We offer the following services for senior living facilities:

  • Facilities management
  • Health, wellness, and fitness solutions
  • Culinary and nutritional services

Anywhere that seniors take up residence and enjoy hospitality services is considered “senior living.” These facilities can include assisted living, independent living, and skilled nursing facilities.

Senior Living
Senior Living
NEXDINE Hospitality and dining services for Education
NEXDINE Hospitality and dining services for Education

Education Dining

Dining and Hospitality Services

We bring a modern twist to our independent schools and higher education dining services. We offer integrated Facilities Management, Culinary, Wellness, and Fitness Services for Independent Schools, Colleges and Universities. Many aspects of educational facilities are outdated and underserve their populations. With NEXDINE’s help, you can transform your educational institution into a modern and hospitable place.

We offer our dining and hospitality management services to independent schools, colleges, and universities nationwide. Students, staff, and everyone in between can enjoy the nutritional and operational benefits of NEXDINE’s management services.

Nutrition is especially important when it comes to educational institutions. Our registered dietitian-approved meals and culinary plans ensure that everyone can meet their nutritional needs effortlessly. With better nutrition comes enhanced learning, teaching, and operations across your institution. It also reduces healthcare costs on local and national levels.


Corporate Dining

and Hospitality Services

We’re passionate about creating amazing corporate dining experiences. For over 12 years, we’ve been serving Corporate Office Environments, Campuses & Manufacturing Facilities.

Corporate dining requires a lot of coordination and operational assistance to run smoothly and be enjoyable for guests. We offer services for manufacturing facilities, campuses, and corporate offices.

Corporate dining sends a message about how valued employees are and what they can expect from their employers in the future. You want to make sure your catering and dining experiences are memorable and tasteful (in every sense of the word).

Dining together leads to working together, finding solutions together, and connecting on a deeper level within your business. If you want to bring corporate dining to your environment, NEXDINE has the perfect practices to do it with grace.

We apply our unique touches to make sure the experience is always excellent for everyone involved in corporate dining and hospitality. From interior design to menu specifics, we have you covered.

Dining & Hospitality Services for Healthcare
Dining & Hospitality Services for Healthcare


Dining and Hospitality Services

Our Culinary, Wellness, Fitness and Integrated Facilities Management services offer a warm hospitality experience creating a caring environment for patients, employees, and guests at Community Hospitals, Behavioral Health, and Addiction Centers.

Hospitals and smaller health centers can enjoy the benefits of NEXDINE’s dining and hospitality services management. We curate a warm, compassionate environment in which employees and patients can relax as they tackle tough problems in the healthcare sphere.

“Hospital food” is notorious for being bland, distasteful, and unenjoyable. NEXDINE brings high-quality hospital dining and hospitality to the forefront of your institution.



Dining and Hospitality

Our fully integrated approach to wellbeing is comprised of fitness center management, dining & fitness center integration and user engagement and education. With the right people, programs and technology, we provide a personalized approach to wellness services to transform your customers’ lives for the better.

We also serve holistic health and wellness facilities with our fitness and technology management sectors. Even if your institution is not a traditional hospital, it can still benefit from NEXDINE’s superior hospitality management qualities.

Your customers will remember your facility in a positive light due to the care and precision of NEXDINE’s management services. Curate the perfect dining and hospitality services with our holistic approaches to management and operations.

We can help you improve in multiple areas without sacrificing your business’s core message. In fact, we often bring your message to the forefront of your facility by incorporating improved operational, health and wellness-related, and dining practices.

Fresh Food Approach
Fresh Food Approach

What’s Included in NEXDINE Hospitality Management Services?

There are multiple key elements required for successful, thorough hospitality service management. We approach hospitality and dining management from all angles so you can get the most out of our services. Our holistic approach can transform your business and consumer experiences for the better. Your guests, customers, and employees will all notice the difference.

Every business needs a budget to be successful. Otherwise, you end up losing money by eating the cost of the services you offer your customers.

Some budgets need improvements, and that is okay. With NEXDINE’s impeccable financial management services, you can start to turn a profit without sacrificing the quality of your customer’s experiences.

We help your establishment manage finances with an accountability mindset. In order to control your spending and revenue, you must know where your money is going and why. We keep close track of financial endeavors, so your hospitality services can flourish.

We collect important data from all sectors of your dining and hospitality services to determine the best courses of action moving forward.

Without hard data, you will not have a strong foundation for meaningful changes that improve your employees’ and guests’ experiences within your business.
NEXDINE collects and analyzes data and metrics that matter to you, your workers, and the consumers enjoying your dining and hospitality services.

No one likes to hear bad news about their business, but it is necessary to know what is going on so you can grow from it. NEXDINE specializes in accountability and progress. Instead of becoming discouraged, we ask, “What next?”

We do not believe in shying away from the latest technological advancements. Innovation drives every successful business, and hospitality management services are no different.

Guests benefit as much as your employees do from improved technology. The flow of operations, the guest experience, and the convenience of your employees’ job duties depend on high-quality technological products.

Some believe technology removes the interpersonal element from hospitality services, but this is not true.

Technology serves to unite your guests with your staff so you can meet their every need and desire quickly and smoothly. Beyond operational success, technology can provide useful data that reveals what drives your business toward success. These are just a few of the ways we incorporate technology:

  • Payroll services
  • Point-of-sale systems
  • Online ordering platforms
  • Self-checkout systems
  • Mobile apps and surveys
  • Data collection and analysis from these sectors

When you choose NEXDINE, you are choosing to keep up with the world’s best and brightest technological innovations. These can make positive differences that your business needs to thrive.

Dining services are everywhere, but most people can point out a select few that meet their standards for exceptionality. We aim to exceed every single diner’s expectations in every aspect of their dining experience.

Exceptionality starts with examining the quality, source, and preparation of ingredients. NEXDINE partners with several sustainability organizations to deliver fresh ingredients to your establishment every time.

From Babylon MicroFarms’ hydroponic growing methods to on-site gardens, we can deliver the finest-quality ingredients that your guests will love. Whole foods are the best ingredients to work with, which is why we ensure you have access to them.

We also believe in cooking from scratch. For this reason, we promote and organize healthy recipes that are handmade right in your kitchens.

We have a team of registered dietitians who ensure each recipe meets strict nutritional standards. This factor is especially important for senior living and educational facilities – your guests need optimal nutrition.

Every part of operations matters if you want to provide excellent services.

Your employees are only one piece of the puzzle when it comes to smooth and successful operations within your business.

Quality, speed, and usefulness are the cornerstones of operational excellence. You want your guests, customers, employees, and executives to benefit from all of these elements.

NEXDINE helps you improve the timing, quality, and meaningfulness of your operations so that everyone can enjoy them.
This results in more customer and employee satisfaction, which ultimately leads to increased revenue.

Many aspects of your business need to be flexible, but you should never compromise safety and cleanliness. Your guests and employees rely on safe, hygienic, sanitary conditions to enjoy and promote your services.

No matter what state you are located in, you will benefit from our rigid safety and cleanliness standards. We are proud to operate clean and safe kitchens across the country, using knowledge of each state’s regulations along the way.

Your spaces will not only pass state inspection standards but exceed them, thanks to NEXDINE. Everyone who interacts with your dining services will be rigorously trained on food handling, safety, and sanitation practices.

This training ensures your guests do not suffer from foodborne illness or other hazards. They can enjoy their meals at your establishment, knowing that everything was handled with the utmost care and hygiene.

Many potential safety hazards are present in kitchens, and your employees deserve the safest working conditions. We work hard to educate your staff and facilitate positive changes where safety conditions are less than optimal throughout your business.

Workplace culture is both an art and a science. In order to give your guests a truly enjoyable experience every time they visit your establishment, you must have a positive, healthy culture.

We curate inspiring environments for both your staff and your guests. Working in light, airy, and refreshing spaces promotes better mental health and feelings of motivation in employees. This translates directly to your guests’ experiences.

Dining and hospitality services are all about human connection. We never forget that the best foundation for excellent hospitality is simply positive connections between all of the people involved.

Pride and leadership are two important elements of maintaining a positive and hospitable culture. We help your staff perform their best by taking pride in what they do. This comes with a sense of purpose and commitment to integrity – doing the right thing even when nobody is watching. Diversity and inclusion are big priorities for NEXDINE. We take pride in employing and working with all different nationalities, races, religions, sexual orientations, genders, and cultures.

Diversity brings different viewpoints to the table, which is what will help your business thrive in the long run.

Every time any of your staff members interacts with a guest, this creates an impression in the guest’s mind about the quality of your services. In order for your business to thrive, you have to strive for positive interactions at every turn.

We collect customer feedback religiously so that we can get an honest look at how your hospitality services are performing. We maintain very high standards for professional conduct, guest engagement, and dining and hospitality services in general.

Our high standards ensure that providing a great experience for every guest is non-negotiable. This applies to operational, employment, and safety standards as well.

Meeting and exceeding our high standards for service and quality will ensure that your dining and hospitality services flourish.
Paired with honest and thorough customer feedback, you will never have to wonder how your business is doing in the service and engagement departments.

Sometimes things have to change so that your services can improve. We acknowledge this and strive to maintain flexible but effective service models across the board.

Flexibility offers your employees and customers opportunities to institute meaningful change. When we base service models on data, customer feedback, and employee satisfaction, everyone is happy.

If something that previously generated success is no longer working for your institution, we help you transition into more successful service models. We base these changes on data and analyses as well as raw human feedback.

This way, your business can keep up with the times and continue to please your guests and employees. There is no risk of using outdated business practices when you use NEXDINE for hospitality service management.

Profit is not the only important aspect of running dining and hospitality services. Sustainability, ethics, and charitability are equally as essential for your business to thrive.

LeanPath: Food Waste Prevention We are a proud partner of LeanPath, a food waste prevention platform provider that tracks and analyzes any food waste your services generate. Food waste is a huge issue across the globe. Around one-third of all of the food on Earth is thrown away and, therefore, rendered unsuitable for consumption. Using LeanPath’s excellent platform, your business can take a broad look at how much food you are throwing away and how you can salvage leftovers for future use. Many food “scraps” that are tossed in the trash are perfectly usable ingredients for high-quality dishes. We help you regain control over your food waste levels so you can save money and save the planet, one dish at a time. When ingredients are no longer fit for consumption, we compost them and use them to help grow our on-site garden. Every ingredient has its place in NEXDINE’s food production and management processes.

Babylon MicroFarms: Sustainable Produce Babylon MicroFarms is home to a self-reliant hydroponic farm that produces various fresh, whole foods all year long. There are no supply chain or seasonal challenges when we source produce from Babylon. You no longer have to deal with rotten or unsavory produce. There are no supply chain-related shortages that force your kitchen to substitute necessary ingredients.

Babylon uses the latest innovative technology to grow and harvest fresh produce for your business. Hydroponic farms are far more sustainable and ethical than factory farms across the world. Babylon has one foot forward into the future of ethical and fresh food sourcing.

Best Bees: Eco-Friendly Honey We partner with Best Bees to host our own hives for ecological sustainability. Honeybee hives can be a great drain on the ecosystem, which is why it is important that we do things in the most sustainable way. We have produced 40 pounds of honey within six months at one of our Best Bees locations! We are proud to continue to provide tasty, environmentally-friendly honey for our clients. The honeybees we use in our hives also pollinate on-site gardens, which fuels the cycle of production for better ingredients. This is as local as you can get when it comes to ethically-sourced honey.

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