Healthcare Hospitality & Dining

NEXDINE supports healthcare organizations with dining and hospitality that comforts, celebrates, nourishes, and restores. We are a strategic, collaborative partner that understands your challenges. We have the infrastructure, scale, and talent to deliver the range of exceptional dining experiences that healthcare environments require.

Our multi-faceted approach is tailored to the unique characteristics of your organization and the needs of your patients, employees, and community.

Healthcare Food Service
Healthcare Food Service
NEXDINE Hospitality provides proper nutrient-rich foods for healthcare patients

Restore the Body, Nourish the Soul

For Your Complex Healthcare Dining Needs

Patients, employees, and guests will find our integrated approach to health and wellness restorative, whether a patient needs enriched superfoods to help their body recover from an illness or injury, parents are celebrating a new birth, an employee needs a light and energizing pick-me-up to get through an exhausting shift, or a visitor needs a wholesome, comforting meal to restore the soul.

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An Authentic Dining Experience

Richly Diverse, Hand-Crafted Cuisine

The NEXDINE Healthcare & Hospitality Dining Experience is authentic because our talented teams are free from the confines of corporate-imposed cycle menus. Instead, they are empowered to develop menus that reflect the unique culture and regional tastes of each community.

When you partner with NEXDINE, your experience includes:

  • Fresh ingredients responsibly sourced from trusted purveyors and growers
  • Small-batch cooking using only the finest quality ingredients
  • House-roasted meats, line-caught seafood, and house-made soups and salad dressings

Custom regional, seasonal and signature menus that feature local and seasonal ingredients

NEXDINE Hospitality dining services for healthcare facilities
NEXDINE Hospitality dining services for healthcare facilities

Embracing Technology

High-Tech that Optimizes High Touch

While hands and hearts are the core of healthcare dining and hospitality, technology makes it smart. You benefit from complete operational and financial transparency, detailed reporting, tech-enabled quality assurance audits, and online customer surveys and feedback. Our cloud-based technology ensures that we are never out-of-date and that our systems, reporting, and communications are providing the critical information and analytics we need to deliver the most effective, efficient, and transparent operation possible.

Chefs Preparing Meals For Hospital
Hospitality Dining Worker

For Patients

NEXDINE’s In-Room Hospitality begins with Ambassadors who take orders bedside using paperless, hand-held tablets, just prior to service for greater patient engagement and satisfaction. Our Timely signature dining model leverages a la minute cooking and technology to finish each meal as close to the point of service as possible for the most enjoyable, restaurant-quality experience. And we reduce strains on your nursing staff and enhance communication with patients to ensure a better and more satisfying healthcare dining experience.


For Employees

Employees will enter your retail venues to discover an abundance of fresh selections, themed retail concepts and pop-up experiences. Our technology enables online ordering and 24×7 access, as well as catering for meetings and events. At the very heart of our mission is NEXDINE’s commitment to health and wellness. Our Culinary and Wellness teams have curated a library of over 500 nutritionally analyzed recipes as part of our Live Forward wellness brand. And our CORFINITY division delivers integrated wellness management that includes fitness center management, diet and nutrition programs and more. Plus, NEXDINE is the only healthcare dining services management company that requires every manager be Wellness Certified by the Foodservice Wellness Institute.


For Guests & Community

Hospital visitors and guests enjoy all the benefits of our innovative and engaging approach to retail. But we’re more than the food we serve, we’re part of your community. We’ll work together to host community events and serve as a bridge to other services and resources. Here are just a few of the ways in which we support our clients:

  • Cooking and healthy eating demonstrations, classes, and videos
  • Farmers markets
  • Education on how to shop and eat healthy in “food deserts”
  • Diet and nutrition education for those with acute and chronic diseases
Hospitality Dining Services
Dining for Healthcare Environments

Supporting Behavioral Health

The healthcare dining experience is also an important aspect of behavioral health. We collaborate with our clients to develop uniquely branded programs that promote the health and wellness of your patients and foster the nurturing and supportive environment they need to thrive.

Our culinary teams work closely with our Nutrition and Wellness teams to develop menus that delight your patients while providing the diet and nutrition that energizes and strengthens them to meet their program goals. Beneficial hydration, comprehensive nutrition, clean ingredients, and delicious, authentic meals made from scratch help patients feel better – and feel better about themselves. And our trained and dedicated hospitality professionals serve your patients with a warm professionalism that is nurturing and supportive throughout their healthcare journey.