Healthcare Hospitality & Food

If you currently operate your own dining program, this is a great time to consider a strategic partner that understands your challenges and has the infrastructure, the scale, and the talent to deliver an exceptional dining experience during these most difficult of times.

NexDine Hospitality services for Healthcare
Chef wearing protective equipment prepares a gorgeous meal.

Managing during COVID

requires innovation, creativity & reinvention

Managing a dining program in the current healthcare climate is more challenging than ever before.

  • The COVID-19 pandemic is redefining standards for sanitation and safety for patient dining
  • Hospital cafes are dealing with wild fluctuations in volumes while also responding to redefined safety and sanitation standards
  • State regulations and CDC guidelines for food service are changing rapidly in response to new information and experience with the virus
  • Supply chain disruptions and the availability of skilled employees make even basic elements of management and service challenging

​​If you do outsource, and have found your current partner slow to respond to your needs, it may be time to consider a new, nimble and responsive partner with the passion for food and service that exceeds your vision.

Amazing Hospitality Service

built for your patients, staff & visitors

  • An amazing dining experience that boosts patient satisfaction
  • An amazing retail experience for staff and visitors
  • Creative and efficient event and meeting catering
  • Effective marketing and community outreach
  • Wellness programs to Improve health outcomes for patients, and the health and wellness of your staff
  • A strategic vision for diet and nutrition ​
  • Responsive to the changing environment and your evolving needs
  • Capital planning, budgeting, space planning and design services, resource development and training to ensure your success, as well as the health and safety of your patients, staff and visitors
A doctor places an online order using his smart phone.