We are uniquely positioned to serve Senior Living Communities nationwide, and lead the market with our people-centric and technology-driven strategies.

Customized Approach

Our goal is to understand the unique characteristics of your community and build customized services around it.

Fresh ingredients responsibly sourced from trusted purveyors and growers, bold flavors, and culinary innovation are artfully combined to create truly authentic dining experiences; this is NEXDINE. Fresh food means small-batch cooking using only 100% fresh ingredients in the regional, seasonal, and signature selections prepared in our kitchens.

Our commitment to clean labels means house-roasted meats and line-caught seafood, homemade soups, and salad dressings, all free of trans fats, antibiotics, and GMOs. Innovation through flexible station concepts, creative menu offerings, and flawless execution brings to life a new level of culinary excellence.

Redefining The Resident Dining Experience 

NEXDINE’s resident-centric model enables us to cater to a diverse population and address their individual dining service needs. We transform outdated institutional service models into a high-touch, high-tech experience. Our highly skilled Guest Experience Ambassadors are dedicated to a specific care unit or group of resident rooms where they own the entire dining experience. This service model enables each ambassador to build relationships with residents and nursing, serving as an additional resource to ensure order accuracy, quality, timeliness of deliveries, and the ability to accommodate last-minute requests.

Clinical Nutrition, Health and Wellness

NEXDINE’s resident-centric model of care is founded on our commitment to wholesome, nutritious, and healing foods, compassionate service, and a dedication to enriching the lives of your residents. Our culinary and clinical teams work in concert to create signature menus that not only offer variety and seasonality but an appropriate balance of nutrition and flexibility to promote good health and reduce the occurrence of readmissions. NEXDINE’s Vice President of Nutrition, Health and Wellness, Rebecca McCullough, takes an active role in team member skills training and development. Including identifying unprescribed weight loss and dehydration, two of the leading causes of hospital readmissions, she actively engages in community outreach and education.

Dine With Dignity

NEXDINE’s Dine With Dignity program delivers a multifaceted solution for residents dealing with the loss of motor skills. We transform our traditional menu items and snack foods into bite-sized finger foods, serving them in rice paper, cucumber cups, and potato baskets that are easily eaten without the need for utensils. Dine With Dignity recipes include the infusion of nutrient-rich ingredients such as broccoli, cabbage, green tea, and blueberries which have been shown to improve cognitive function. Visual menus, brightly colored service wares, and enticing aromas help residents to maintain their natural reflex of self-dining while reducing the risk of weight loss due to poor intake.

Hydrate For Life

NEXDINE’s Hydrate For Life program features hydration stations infused with fresh seasonal fruits, herbs, and vegetables, placed in strategic, high-traffic areas throughout the building, making them readily accessible to residents, staff, and guests.

Purposeful Purees

Food texture and visual appeal impact consumption much as flavor and aroma. We use fresh ingredients, prepared to order, that are shaped, plated, and garnished in the same manner as their whole food counterparts, enabling residents with dysphagia and other swallowing disorders to better enjoy their dining experience.

Super Foods

Maintaining a healthy diet is important to support longevity, boost energy levels, and reduce the risk of illness. Health requirements like water and vitamin intake change as the body ages. And while residents often face dehydration and vitamin deficiency-related issues, proper nutrition can help prevent and reduce the intensity of these issues. Implementing healthy diet changes is often easier said than done. Loss of appetite, low mobility, and disease can limit a resident’s access to wholesome, nutritious foods. To address these issues, we developed a robust enriched super foods program that incorporates our commitment to 100% fresh ingredients in the form of shakes and smoothies, cookies and bars, and power bowls.

Catering Excellence

Catering is an integral part of the service experience NEXDINE delivers. We know clients have many options when planning their next meeting or event. As a NEXDINE client, you can be assured we will execute at the highest level and ensure no detail is overlooked, no matter how small. We offer a full continuum of services ranging from continental breakfasts and buffet luncheons to cocktail receptions, plated dinners, and community appreciation. We tailor our services specifically to your needs, eliminating the need for external catering providers and keeping your catering spend “in-house.”

Combining Jewish tradition, life, culture, and dining experiences, NEXDINE creates a Jewish lifestyle brand like no other service provider

Chai Dining is our full-service Jewish lifestyle brand. Through our collaborative approach, we explore what Chai Dining can mean for you. Senior living communities celebrating Jewish tradition, life, and culture deserve rich options that deliver the full benefits of external dining management. We customize your program, steeped in Jewish tradition and values, operated by experts, and supported by an organization that is fully committed to the success of our strategic partnership.

Fresh ingredients responsibly sourced with bold flavors take Bubbe’s favorite recipes to an exciting, new level. We reimagine Kosher dining as a culinary destination that rivals the finest restaurants. Utilizing our Dine Your Way platform, we can track each resident’s preferences to ensure 100% guest satisfaction daily. Our residents and guests enjoy traditional events paired with our kosher dining services.

Technology Innovation

We incorporate cloud-based technology into all facets of dining operations utilizing NEXDINE’s Menu Management Program, powered by MealSuite. Our fully integrated software platform improves food service outcomes by linking forecasting, purchasing, inventory management, menu planning and production, recipe and nutritional content, resident data, and table-side/bed-side order taking. MealSuite is fully customizable and adapts to the specific needs of your community.

Community Engagement

At NEXDINE, we take a holistic approach to resident and customer engagement that extends well beyond the foods we serve. We look at all facets of the business that impact our guests’ experiences and seek their feedback to ensure we continuously remain aligned with their needs and expectations. In the weeks leading up to the transition of dining services, we collaborate with clients to craft a series of announcements and ‘teasers’ previewing many of the new and exciting things to come.

Beyond Food and exercise, our philosophy is a whole-person approach that addresses mind, body, and spirit

NEXDINE’s commitment to our resident’s health and well-being is at the heart of our mission to enrich seniors’ lives every day. Beyond food and exercise, our philosophy is a whole-person approach that addresses mind, body, and spirit. Live Forward, NEXDINE’s holistic approach to wellness is built on the three fundamental pillars of nutrition, fitness, and education. Under the guidance and expertise of the Vice President of Nutrition, Health and Wellness, we will collaborate with our clients to architect an integrated program that aligns with their community wellness objectives.

Amazing Hospitality Service

With a Full-Service Contract, NEXDINE provides onsite management personnel and all hourly employees. It is a complete outsourcing of your Dining, XENDELLA Facilities Management, CORFINITY Health, Wellness, and Fitness Center Management Services. Management roles often include a Director, Manager, and Registered Dietitian. These roles oversee your Facility staff to ensure all Colleagues are welcomed by our People & Culture. NEXDINE is responsible for all wages, taxes, and benefits associated with Colleagues, and we agree to abide by your pre-employment requirements and policies such as background checks and physicals. NEXDINE is also responsible for ordering and maintaining all raw food ingredients and creating amazing menus your guests and residents will enjoy.

Xendella provides a unique hospitality service focused on creating a better customer experience. We understand maintaining a clean, safe, and positive environment creates a comfortable experience for your residents, patients, and guests.

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CORFINITY Combines Fitness Center Management & Dining Services. Creating an environment that attracts higher usage, with a full range of services including, FCM, Personalized Food Programs, Health Assessments, Virtual RD Consultations, in-person and Virtual Trainers. Serving Corporate, Healthcare, Senior Living, and Educational Facilities, CORFINITY creates an experience that helps your guests achieve their goals.

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Focused on delivering exciting experiences in the most challenging of spaces, STREATS partners with your local community to provide quality pop-up experiences, and convenient micro-markets, with a variety of grab-and-go options for your guests.

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