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We offer our dining and hospitality management services to independent schools, colleges, and universities nationwide. Students, staff, and everyone in between can enjoy the nutritional and operational benefits of NEXDINE’s management services.

When you partner with NEXDINE Hospitality, you tap into the resources of an established dining management provider with a long history of exceptional service to independent schools and colleges. Our collaborative approach ensures your program reflects your brand and vision for dining while shifting the responsibility for strategy and execution to a trusted partner.

NEXDINE has the proven expertise to support your vision for dining

Re-establishing your dining program will have many challenges:

  • Testing, maintenance and recertification of kitchen and dining facilities
  • Establishment of appropriate COVID-19 protocols for dining services
  • Nutrition strategies to bolster immune systems and promote wellness</li
  • Menu strategies that convey a sense of comfort, normalcy, and community
  • Staffing strategies that minimize churn and are backed with contingency plans
  • Procurement and operational strategies that control costs
  • Flexibility to scale and pivot as conditions evolve ​​

Our collaborative approach ensures your program reflects your brand and vision for dining. NEXDINE provides full operational transparency, financial transparency, and real-time reporting, powered by the latest technology and infrastructure so you have full confidence that every step is being taken to meet — and exceed — your expectations.

Artisan by NEXDINE

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Artisan by NEXDINE is a dining service program with an innovative menu experience focused on batch-cooking hand-crafted recipes that are seasonally inspired. Fresh ingredients responsibly sourced from trusted producers and growers paired with authentic flavors and innovative experiences – that’s what you can expect from an Artisan experience.

Our Culinary Mission is to empower our chefs to craft a dining experience that: delights, nourishes, and promotes the well-being of our customers. Respects the great culinary traditions while embracing culinary innovation. Represents the highest professional standards of safety, efficiency, and fiduciary responsibility for our clients. Honors the unbreakable ties of food and an exceptional dining experience to the health of the planet, the welfare of our communities, and sustainable practices at all levels of the organization. Fosters and supports the passion, creativity, aspirations, and innovation of our team members while providing a safe, diverse, and socially responsible working environment.

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