Corporate Dining & Food

We have you covered – from café décor to every detail on the menu

Our corporate dining services team understands how to customize services to meet your company’s broad range of needs—culinary, dietary, financial, and more. We map out the strategy and explain how we will execute the details. We apply our expertise in what works (and what doesn’t) to ensure your corporate dining service exceeds expectations.

Our multi-faceted approach is tailored to the unique characteristics of your corporate culture and the needs of your employees, clients and customers.

Return to Office

Your employees have high expectations as they return to the office. Will you be ready?

Dining and catering services send strong signals about how employers value their people, from offering simple, reliable everyday conveniences, to caring about health and wellness and a consistent brand experience. And with the challenging labor market, supply chain disruptions, and the threat of inflation, you need a partner with a proven track record of innovation and reliability, as well as the commitment to flexibility and transparency you require.

NEXDINE Hospitality is a leader in this new era of flexibility and innovation, which kept us on a growth trajectory – even as the pandemic took its economic toll. Is your dining and hospitality partner up to the challenge? Is your contract limiting or constraining your return-to-office options?

Corporate Dining Environments

as unique as your company

Your café is more than just a place to eat. It is a destination for employees to meet, socialize, and collaborate. It is the cultural hub of your organization. There are no cookie-cutter solutions with NEXDINE. We take what were once traditional cafeterias and transform them into exciting restaurants and food halls, bringing the diversity and authenticity of today’s street foods into your facility.

Empowering Our Staff

Dining & Hospitality Services

NEXDINE’s customer-first culture empowers our people to make the choices that ensure every guest enjoys a terrific meal. Our chefs are given the freedom to create menus based on the preferences of their guests while adhering to NEXDINE’s exacting standards of quality and kitchen principles. All of our foods are prepared from scratch using fresh, local ingredients sourced from responsible growers and purveyors to ensure the highest level of culinary authenticity and integrity.

Nutrition, Health & Wellness

Our Focus on Wellness

NEXDINE’s commitment to health and well-being is at the very heart of our mission. Beyond food and exercise, our philosophy is a whole-person approach that addresses mind, body, and spirit. We have developed a menu of programs and activities that are customized to improve employee performance, enhance knowledge, influence healthful behaviors, increase employee satisfaction, and improve your positioning in a competitive marketplace for talent. Our wellness programs can be seamlessly integrated into your dining services.

Live Forward by NEXDINE

Live Forward

Beyond Food and exercise, our philosophy is a whole-person approach that addresses mind, body, and spirit. NEXDINE’s commitment to our resident’s health and well-being is at the heart of our mission to enrich seniors’ lives every day. Live Forward, NEXDINE’s holistic approach to wellness is built on the three fundamental pillars of nutrition, fitness, and education. Under the guidance and expertise of the Vice President of Nutrition, Health, and Wellness, we collaborate with our clients to architect an integrated program that aligns with their community wellness objectives.


CORFINITY combines fitness center management and dining services. Specializing in fitness, wellness and lifestyle services, CORFINITY creates a holistic fitness environment that promotes greater participation. With a full range of services, including fitness facilities management, personalized food programs, health assessments, virtual RD consultations, in-person and virtual trainers, CORFINITY creates an experience that helps your employees achieve their wellness goals. When fully integrated with the dining program,
our client partners boast a premium service that is a differentiator in the marketplace.


Serving You

NEXDINE incorporates the latest technologies – from mobile pre-ordering to quick self-checkout, to cloud-based point of sale and extensive real-time back-office reporting systems – to ensure that your customers are happy, and your dining services program is running efficiently and effectively. We work together with you as partners to ensure visibility, transparency and financial rigor while driving the outcomes you want in your dining services program.

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