Live Forward

NEXDINE’s Health & Wellness Program

Across the country, people are increasingly focused on the importance of wellness for:

  • Maintaining emotional, physical, and spiritual balance
  • Enhancing academic, athletic, or workplace performance
  • Addressing or avoiding chronic health issues and strengthening immune systems

Organizations are recognizing that renewed focus on health and wellness strengthens their brand, improves employee retention, and attracts the interest and loyalty of the members of their community, whether that community is a school, a senior living community, a hospital, or a corporate campus. However, an integrated approach to wellness is complicated to implement. What if there was a wellness platform that seamlessly integrated nutrition, fitness, and education with exceptional dining? NEXDINE’s comprehensive wellness platform, LIVE FORWARD, offers a flexible and customizable approach to health & wellness. Live Forward utilizes Nutrition, Fitness, and Education to address the five dimensions of wellness; physical, emotional, social, spiritual, and intellectual.

Live Forward, Eat Better, Program by NEXDINE
Live Forward, Eat Better, Program by NEXDINE

Why Wellness is Essential

Three years of pandemic and its associated social and financial stress have heightened consumer desires for health, wellness, quality, and value. How organizations address this need will be a defining feature of their brands for years to come. And when it comes to improving health, achieving balance, and finding peace, people are increasingly turning to food and fine-tuning their diets as their prescription for achieving a state of wellness.

Health and wellness solutions for healthcare patients

For Patients

In healthcare, your concern for health & wellness extends beyond your patients to include employees and the community you serve. LIVE FORWARD offers solutions for all 3 segments, from TASTEFUL programs that address diet and nutrition challenges to café solutions for employees and visitors, and educational programs for community outreach.

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Health and wellness dining solutions for seniors

For Seniors

The residents of your communities expect your wellness offering to be comprehensive, holistic, and integrated. LIVE FORWARD makes it easy, from our TASTEFUL fresh food solutions for residents of all abilities and dietary needs to programs that integrate education with abundant choices to engage and empower residents to achieve their wellness goals.

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health and wellness solutions for businesses

For Business

Employees seek rich, authentic experiences that clearly communicate the value of returning to the office. Signal your commitment to the well-being of your on-site and hybrid workforce with an integrated program that ties together diet, nutrition, fitness and education to support their wellness journeys, increase employee satisfaction and boost productivity.

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health and wellness solutions for college students

For Schools

Students and their parents expect the school environment to turn all aspects of life into learning experiences. With LIVE FORWARD, food, nutrition, and fitness come alive to engage and empower your students to choose healthier lifestyles and inspire a lifelong pursuit of wellness and well-being.

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Our Approach

Supporting Wellness Goals & Dietary Needs

LIVE FORWARD is customizable and flexible, which means our wellness program can be seamlessly integrated into any dining experience. We make it easy for our guests to achieve their wellness goals by offering a multitude of options that level up menu selections to improve diet and nutrition without sacrificing flavor and enjoyment.

smart swaps

Smart Swaps

Smart swaps encourage and educate how to replace traditional ingredients in old favorites with healthful alternatives.



Gentle nudges to inform about the nutritional benefits of a Sprinkle, a superfood add-on to traditional recipes.

custom menu

Custom Meals

For individuals with dietary restrictions, complete LIVE FORWARD meals are curated by our diet and nutrition professionals.


Ensuring Dietary Requirements

Supporting Healthcare & Senior Living

The LIVE FOREWARD program also ensures that patients and residents in healthcare and senior living environments receive meals that consistently meet their dietary needs. These programs are presented under the TASTEFUL brand and include:

  • TASTEFUL Textures: Texture-modified foods are designed to enhance the dining experience for people who experience dysphagia or difficulty swallowing.
  • TASTEFUL Bites: Innovative finger foods deliver a more nutritious, manageable, and dignified dining experience for residents experiencing dementia and memory loss.
  • TASTEFUL Sips: An enhanced hydration program consisting of infused waters, hydrating aromatic teas, refreshing juices, and energizing smoothies.
  • TASTEFUL Plus: Enriched foods and supplemental nutrition program for individuals who require added calories of protein as they recover from injury or illness.

Learn more about NEXDINE’s TASTEFUL program.


Backed by Science

Our Commitment to Health

Evidence shows that healthy eating patterns are associated with positive health outcomes, and the research supporting this association increases each year. There is strong evidence of reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, and moderate evidence of reduced risk of type 2 diabetes when a healthy eating pattern is maintained. Evidence also shows a reduced risk of certain types of cancers and incidents of obesity associated with a healthy diet. To inspire a healthy lifestyle that addresses or prevents chronic health issues, LIVE FORWARD presents alternative menu options that can be ordered as part of the regular dining experience. Think of LIVE FORWARD as an omnipresent but gentle nudge towards incorporating a variety of beneficial foods and choices – numerous small decisions made daily that lead to a big impact.

food is medicine
food is medicine

NEXDINE is Committed to Health and Wellness

Your guests will enjoy the benefits of nutritious and healthy options that support their wellness goals and improve their health. Contact NEXDINE to learn more about integrating Live Forward into your dining program.