NexDine makes extensive use of the latest technology.

Our Approach

NEXDINE takes a unique approach to manage our business by using technology to help us manage the business and the client relationship. We rely on data from our Point of Sale systems, payroll system, customer surveys and ordering platforms to help us craft an operation that works within our clients’ needs. Technology helps us marry our approach to our people and your business.

NEXDINE partners with cloud-based Point of Sale platforms like Toast for our Business & Industry clients and Mosaic for our Education clients to provide us with real time data on sales trends, menu, pricing, and payments. We offer our customers online ordering, self-checkout, mobile surveys, a mobile app, and many other tech-savvy applications that customers are demanding and clients are seeking in their dining service partners. We actively collect sales data on menu items, time of day, and form of payment and cross-reference it with labor models.