The NEXDINE Experience

This Diagram illustrates a holistic and connected view of The NEXDINE Experience, our formula for providing amazing service. Each hexagon signifies essential characteristics of our service and acts as a road map for what we should be working on. The strength of the Diagram comes from all the individual hexagons connected as one, working together.

The NEXDINE Hospitality Experience

Amazing Dining Experience

At NEXDINE we deliver an amazing dining experience. Our recipe for success starts with fresh, high-quality ingredients backed by our Culinary Commitments to serve 100% Fresh Food. We survey guests and residents to learn more about their needs and preferences. We believe listening to customers and customizing our service to meet their needs is the key to creating an amazing dining experience. We use the freshest ingredients and from-scratch cooking methods because we believe good nutrition is essential to the well-being of residents and guests. Our registered dietitians ensure every meal meets balanced nutrition guidelines. We believe good nutrition comes from whole foods, so use whole.

Our Guiding Principles

We believe these guiding principles create a solid foundation for every NEXDINE HOSPITALITY colleague, as they navigate their workday and career. We have always believed that our people are the reason for our success and these values will help anyone thrive in our fast-paced, hospitality-driven environment.

Be Thoughtful & Kind

With every human connection, lead with kindness. Be thoughtful in ways that amaze everyone around you.

Take Pride in Your Work

Be committed to doing your very best work, even when no one is looking. Having pride in your work, shows you care.

Prioritize Operational Excellence

Be focused on always being better. Improve our customer’s experience with quality, service, and speed. Every day, find one thing you can improve upon.

Learn What Drives Our Business

Utilize all the business data available – it will drive great business decisions. Good news we love to hear, bad news we need to hear.

Make Diversity Our Advantage

Diversity and inclusion throughout our workplace foster personal and professional growth. Respect all we work with and serve equally. Treating all equally makes you a better person.

Embrace Innovation & Technology

Every day, embrace new and innovative methods to engage and delight our guests. Maximizing technology betters us and everyone we connect with.

Sustainability Partners

NEXDINE Hospitality recognizes the importance of sustainability for the preservation of our future. We are proud to offer a complete portfolio of sustainability programs that weave together our corporate philosophy regarding healthy lifestyles and healthy eating.

Hydroponic Farming

Babylon MicroFarms

Babylon MicroFarms is a fully sustainable, self-contained indoor hydroponic farm that combines food and technology to provide an array of premium produce items without the impact of seasonality or supply chain challenges. Produce is grown on-site year-round, resulting in the freshest, highest possible nutritional value ingredients and supports our unwavering commitment to 100% fresh ingredients, local sourcing, and foods prepared fresh on-site in our kitchens.

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Bee Keeping

Best Bees

We partner with Best Bees and host our own honeybee hives. Our Hobbs Brook location reported the on-site beehives produced 40lbs of honey in 6 months alone. Not only do the hives produce amazing honey, but the bees also provide many ecological benefits, like pollinating our very own culinary team-curated garden. The team produced products highlighting our honey and produce, adding hyper-local to our seasonal menu offerings.

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Raised Garden Beds

Our Local Gardens

We believe fresh is best, and it doesn’t get fresher than on-site gardens. We have on-site raised bed gardens and greenhouses nourished from our on-site composting program that reduces food waste. The garden program also establishes partnerships with local growers and CSAs.

Amazing Hospitality Services

With a Full-Service Contract, NEXDINE provides onsite management personnel and all hourly employees. It is a complete outsourcing of your Dining, XENDELLA Facilities Management, CORFINITY Health, Wellness, and Fitness Center Management Services. Management roles often include a Director, Manager, and Registered Dietitian. These roles oversee your Facility staff to ensure all Colleagues are welcomed by our People & Culture. NEXDINE is responsible for all wages, taxes, and benefits associated with Colleagues, and we agree to abide by your pre-employment requirements and policies such as background checks and physicals. NEXDINE is also responsible for ordering and maintaining all raw food ingredients and creating amazing menus your guests and residents will enjoy.

CORFINITY Combines Fitness Center Management & Dining Services. Creating an environment that attracts higher usage, with a full range of services including, FCM, Personalized Food Programs, Health Assessments, Virtual RD Consultations, in-person and Virtual Trainers. Serving Corporate, Healthcare, Senior Living, and Educational Facilities, CORFINITY creates an experience that helps your guests achieve their goals.

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Xendella provides a unique hospitality service focused on creating a better customer experience. We understand maintaining a clean, safe, and positive environment creates a comfortable experience for your residents, patients, and guests. We work closely with your team to understand your needs, so we can customize our services to ensure guests experience high-quality hospitality, facility management, and support services.

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Focused on delivering exciting experiences in the most challenging of spaces, STREATS partners with your local community to provide quality pop-up experiences, and convenient micro-markets, with a variety of grab-and-go options for your guests.

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NEXDINE takes a unique approach to managing our business utilizing technology to help us handle the business and the client relationship. We rely on data from our Point of Sale systems, payroll system, customer surveys, and ordering platforms to help us craft an operation that works within our client’s needs. Technology helps us marry our approach to our people and your business.

NEXDINE partners with cloud-based Point of Sale platforms like Toast for our Business & Industry clients and Mosaic for our Education clients to provide us with real-time data on sales trends, menus, pricing, and payments. We offer our customers online ordering, self-checkout, mobile surveys, a mobile app, and many other tech-savvy applications that customers are demanding and clients are seeking in their dining service partners. We actively collect sales data on menu items, time of day, and form of payment and cross-reference it with labor models.

Food Waste

Reducing Food Waste

About a third of the food produced on Earth goes to waste! Our team takes a “root-to-stem” approach in the kitchen by turning scraps into amazing dishes. Other scraps get composted and used in our on-site gardens to grow fresh ingredients and start the process all over.

We’re Proud to Partner with LeanPath

NEXDINE Hospitality is proud to partner with LeanPath as our Food Waste Prevention Platform Provider. LeanPath’s food waste tracking solutions simplify the weighing and tracking of all our food waste. Data is compiled and analyzed, giving us complete visibility into our food waste stream. We believe it is important to utilize technology solutions like LeanPath to save time, money, and the environment.