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Our Food

It is our belief that to create a unique and exciting dining experience for our customers, our food must be scratch made, using only the freshest, locally-sourced ingredients. Every vegetable is peeled, sliced and chopped. Freezers are bare. Every soup and sauce is made in house. Our professionally trained chefs are empowered to create menus that reflect seasonal and regional availability, the latest in culinary trends, and the diversity of the customers they serve each day.

Artisan by NEXDINE

Our Culinary Mission is to empower our culinary teams to craft a dining experience that: Delights, nourishes and promotes the well-being of our customers Respects the great culinary traditions while embracing culinary innovation Represents the highest professional standards of safety, efficiency and fiduciary responsibility for our clients Honors the unbreakable ties of food and an exceptional dining experience to the health of the planet, the welfare of our communities, and sustainable practices at all levels of the organization Fosters and supports the passion, creativity, aspirations and innovation of our team members while providing a safe, diverse and socially responsible working environment.

Culinary Values

In pursuit of our Culinary Mission, NEXDINE team members share and uphold the following culinary values:

  • Integrity: Our obsession with seasonal, whole, fresh and local ingredients that influences and shapes our menus
  • Authenticity: Made from scratch in small batches and finished as close to the point of service as feasible
  • Savor: Every menu is enlivened with fresh herbs, authentic spices, regional ingredients and seasonal flavors
  • Presentation: Meals that engage all of the senses for an immersive and memorable dining experience
  • Wellness: A holistic perspective that advocates the balance of better food choices and a healthy lifestyle

Select Services

Artisan by NEXDINE

Artisan by NEXDINE is a dining service program with an innovative menu experience focused on batch cooking hand-crafted recipes that are seasonally inspired. Fresh ingredients responsibly sourced from trusted producers and growers paired with authentic flavors and innovative experiences - that's what you can expect from an Artisan experience.

Artisan by NEXDINE