Our Fresh Food Approach

Fresh. Authentic. Delicious.

NEXDINE’s approach to food is fresh, authentic, and delicious. We start with 100% fresh ingredients and a passion for seasonal and regional flavors. NEXDINE’s walk-in coolers are bursting with whole fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs. We chop our own vegetables, roast our own meats, and prepare our own stocks, soups, sauces, and salad dressings.

Food can get complicated, but we like to keep it simple and clean. We maintain close relationships with trusted growers and purveyors to ensure that everything we use is free from additives, fillers, and growth hormones. Our trusted partners know we prioritize seasonal and locally sourced produce and ensure that we always have access to the best. We emphasize fresh herbs and spices in our recipes and minimize the use of added salt and processed sugar so that nothing stands in the way of the rich flavors and aromas of our chef-prepared meals.

Our commitment to fresh ingredients guides our approach to menus. We celebrate the diversity in our communities – and yours – by crafting richly diverse menus.

If you are looking for a third-party dining provider that is committed to a fresh, authentic, and delicious approach to food, no one does it better than NEXDINE.

Fresh Food Approach
Fresh Food Approach

Customized Programming

Understanding and Serving Your Community

When you partner with NEXDINE you will notice an abundance of fresh selections, themed stations, and hospitality professionals eager to serve up an exceptional experience. We will work with you to present an engaging open market experience for employees, clients, customers, and guests.

Regardless of whether you represent a senior living community, hospital, corporation, independent school, or institution of higher education, your community is unique. Across geographies and across industries, as we have collaborated with different client partners, we have celebrated their diversity and customized our programs to support their needs and represent their brands. We don’t have corporate cycle menus that lock you into a cookie-cutter service model. Instead, our culinary teams are empowered to create custom menus for each client.

One of our signature concepts includes STREATS, bringing the best in local restaurants, local experiences, and local artisanal products to your community through pop-up restaurants, food truck events, grab-and-go services, and micro-markets.

Learn More about our custom dining programs.

Sustainable Dining

A Multi-Pronged Approach

NEXDINE is widely recognized for the innovative and sustainable solutions we incorporate into our operations and our clients’ dining services. We constantly strive to find new ways to improve energy conservation and reduce our carbon footprint. We carefully monitor news and information and adjust our procurement, strictly adhering to practices like ensuring that all our seafood conforms to the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch. Check out some of the other ways NEXDINE practices sustainable dining.

Sustainable Sourcing

Smart Sourcing

Shortening our supply chain by sourcing and partnering with vendors, growers, and CSAs in the communities in which we work to minimize ecological and environmental harm.

On-Site Gardening

On-Site Gardening

On-site raised garden beds and indoor, vertical hydroponic micro-farms provide fresh vegetables, greens, and herbs, year-round reducing carbon-generating transportation of fresh produce.


Going Green

NEXDINE uses biodegradable services wares and environmentally ‘green’ chemicals for cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitation. In addition, many of our cafes have achieved Green Restaurant Association Certification.



On-site composting converts food waste to fertilize our gardens. Cooking oils are re-purposed for use as agricultural biofuel. And we partner with local food rescue organizations that address food insecurity.



We deploy cutting-edge technology throughout our operations to optimize and enable smart production, conserve energy and other resources, and reduce food waste.


Our Culinary Commitments

Amazing Food. An Exceptional Experience.

Our culinary mission is to empower our teams to be their best for you every day. We support them with access to whole fresh ingredients and the freedom to develop and customize menus for our client partners.

We honor the unbreakable ties of food and an exceptional dining experience to the health of the planet, the welfare of our communities, and sustainable practices at all levels of the organization. Authentic, chef-prepared meals are crafted from scratch using fresh, whole ingredients, and every detail of the presentation is thoughtfully prepared and artfully executed.

When you partner with NEXDINE, you can be confident that our food is always fresh, healthy, authentic, natural, from scratch, and clean. Whether you are looking for innovative corporate dining concepts or a fresh food approach to texture-modified meals for senior living residents or hospital patients, our dining service solutions are rooted in possibilities, not limitations.

Nutrition, Health & Wellness

Our Commitment to Health

Organizations are transitioning from wellness as an essential part of their healthcare strategy to total well-being as a key component of their overall organizational strategy. This next generation of wellness is a high priority for many organizations and consumers. Third-party dining providers can play an integral role in the transition to enhanced well-being. NEXDINE’s commitment to the health and well-being of our guests is at the very heart of our mission. Our philosophy is a whole-person approach to wellness and well-being.

Live Forward by NEXDINE

Live Forward

Live Forward is built upon the three fundamental pillars of nutrition, fitness, and education and offers a variety of customizable features that are applied across the five dimensions of wellness. With Live Forward, it’s easy to make healthier choices with labels that clearly mark healthy selections, flexible Smart Swap options that offer guests the opportunity to level up their commitment to a healthier lifestyle, and signage that subtly educates and guides guests towards healthier selections. Learn more about our holistic approach and commitment to wellness.



NEXDINE’s TASTEFUL program offers a variety of innovative approaches to some of the most difficult diet and nutrition challenges. From TASTEFUL Sips, an enhanced hydration program that adds value to corporate dining concepts as well as education, healthcare, and senior living, to programs designed specifically for healthcare and senior living environments, like TASTEFUL Textures, our texture-modified food program. Learn more about the four distinct elements within NEXDINE’s TASTEFUL program.

Improve Your Dining and Hospitality Services with NEXDINE

Learn more about our Culinary Commitments and how our approach to dining can enhance your guest’s experience.