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Our People

At NexDine, we understand that our people make us a leader in dining services. We pride ourselves in cultivating a company culture that guides, instructs, and empowers every NexDine team member to achieve their best.

We hire and keep great people—with a retention rate that far exceeds the industry standard—because we respect the value of every member on our team. We cultivate their desire to grow. And we don’t mandate a customer service mentality, but empower our people to make the choices that ensure every NexDine customer is satisfied with our dining service.

NexDine’s commitment to our team members:

1. Provide best-in-class wages and benefits. 
2. Give employees all the job training and tools they can absorb.
3. Let them take ownership for what they want to do.
4. Treat each person with enormous gratitude and respect.

Making a Difference

Every day, NexDine employees work hard to enrich the daily lives of our clients and customers. In 2012, it is estimated that we served over 4 million customers. In addition, we enjoyed a 96.7% management retention rate and a 75.3% hourly retention rate. In the food service industry, those statistics well exceed the industry averages. At the core of our employee-centric philosophy, and the reason why people like to work for us, is our belief in placing employees in the best possible position to succeed. Obviously, everyone has a unique set of skills and expertise, as well as an inherent desire to be successful. At NexDine, our job is to cultivate those valuable skills and match them with current jobs to provide an enriching work experience and path to success. We also believe the only way to deliver quality service is to empower employees to do so—it cannot simply be mandated. We want all our employees to know that they have the authority to satisfy a customer and should not hesitate to do so. Our employees are the most valuable resource we have. There is a positive correlation between training, employee satisfaction, and customer satisfaction. Because we offer high-levels of training, we enjoy the high-levels of employee satisfaction, and our clients and customers enjoy the benefits of this employee-centric culture. This demonstrates dramatically that satisfied employees can and do affect the bottom line.

Equal Opportunity Employer

NexDine places a high value on the diversity of our people. We feel that the more our employees are reflective of the diversity of our clients and customers, the better suited we are to provide them with outstanding service and product.

  • Teamwork and spirited customer service

    Teamwork and spirited customer service

  • Leadership


  • Strong support management

    Strong support management

  • Passionate culinary expertise

    Passionate culinary expertise

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