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NexDine Promotes the Health & Wellness of Residents and Employees

As generational shifts in senior living gain momentum, residents increasingly seek communities that demonstrate a commitment to wellness through a variety of programs and opportunities. NexDine is a full partner in offering the programs that delight your residents and promote healthy lifestyles.

    • NexDine’s Culinary Mission and Culinary Values
    • Registered dietitians support each client community
    • Opportunities are created for resident diet and nutrition consultations
    • Puree program
    • Hydration program
    • Healthy cooking classes and demonstrations
    • Live Forward
    • Nutritional supplements and nutritionally dense foods that align with our Culinary Mission and Culinary Values
    • Technology-supported nutrition education and wellness tracking
    • Robust COVID-19 and infectious disease precautions

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  • NexDine Wellness
    Entire NexDine Field Team Certified in Wellness
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