Check out Winning at Work’s latest podcast with our very own, CEO of NEXDINE Hospitality, David Lanci. Host Tony Moore and Lanci delve into the compelling rise of “Value-Based Care” and the vital role that fresh food plays in shaping a healthier future for all.

Lanci speaks to NEXDINE’s philosophy of viewing food as medicine and the undeniable link between what individuals consume and their overall well-being. In particular, how senior living communities and healthcare facilities can benefit from NEXDINE’s fresh approach to dining services versus the industry standard of heavily processed foods. By adopting a fresh food perspective when addressing healthcare challenges, NEXDINE offers a promising solution that yields results within a remarkably short timeframe.

Listen to David’s interview on the Winning at Work podcast here. 

Interview with NEXDINE CEO, David Lanci

Our aspiration is to see the communities we serve become healthier through their dietary choices, thereby reducing the need for medications, and positively impacting the rising healthcare costs. “Our food is just better, and it makes you feel better,” says Lanci. We can now prove that providing fresh food can make people healthier. With evidence-backed research supporting the positive impact of fresh food on metabolic disorders, we are confident that our approach can make a tangible difference in people’s lives.

At NEXDINE, we not only prioritize a fresh food approach but also recognize the importance of creating an overall exceptional dining experience. We understand that enjoying a meal goes beyond nourishment; it is also an opportunity for connection. Our holistic approach to dining focuses on both the quality of our ingredients and the ambiance in which they are enjoyed, where we aim to create moments of joy, nourishment, and happiness during every meal.

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