• Published On: May 4, 2023

    Wellness is described as a healthy lifestyle beyond any identified acute illness. It refers to a state of physical health in which people have the ability and energy to do what they want to or enjoy in life without chronic suffering. Although wellness means [....]

  • Published On: April 5, 2023

    Senior Living leadership works hard to deliver an authentic brand experience that brings their vision to life. However, many areas of brand experience are outside of core aging services offerings and competencies. For many, facilities services are a prime example. [....]

  • Published On: November 30, 2022

    Malnutrition is a preventable condition that NEXDINE Hospitality recognizes as an opportunity to partner with acute care providers to implement effective Medical Nutrition Therapy and capture increased reimbursement for the facility. [....]

  • Published On: October 14, 2022

    NEXDINE's hospitality's indoor Babylon micro-farms provide delicious, fresh herbs and vegetables year-round. Plus, the micro-farms provide a farm-to-table experience that is unique and engaging. Watch this video to learn more about NEXDINE's commitment [....]

  • Published On: August 29, 2022

    Studies show that there is a direct link between nutrition and mental health. Did you know that the brain consumes 20% of a person’s daily caloric intake, approximately 400 calories per day? In fact, it is composed of 60% fat and contains high concentrations of cholesterol and [....]

  • Published On: August 29, 2022

    One of the first questions we ask all culinary managers we interview for any position at NEXDINE is, what is HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points)? The answers often tell us about the food safety experience the candidate has and whether they are a [....]

  • Published On: August 29, 2022

    Fresh Ingredients are used as preventative medicine. A new study published in the American Academy of Neurology found that a diet higher in ultra-processed foods was linked with a higher risk of dementia but substituting unprocessed or minimally [....]

  • Published On: July 19, 2022

    NEXDINE recognizes the importance of hydration throughout all our facilities and has our own signature program Tasteful Sips to encourage our residents, patients, and customers to stay hydrated. Our culinarians have put a flair on hydration [....]

  • Published On: December 8, 2021

    NEXDINE Expands Presence in New York City NEXDINE’s rapidly growing presence in New York means senior living communities throughout the New York metropolitan area can experience the same [...]

  • Published On: October 27, 2021

    NEXDINE at LeadingAge National ConferenceIf you are attending this year’s LeadingAge National conference in Atlanta, visit NEXDINE in booth 4331. Meet the team, learn about the hydroponic Micro-Farms we’re [...]