Fruit and Vegetable Month

Did you know that September is National Fruits & Veggies Month?Everyone knows how healthy fruits and veggies are for us. That’s indisputable. But, what we are starting to understand and appreciate is just how good they can make us feel! In fact, there’s a growing body of evidence globally...
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Food Waste

Reducing Food Waste About a third of the food produced on Earth goes to waste! Our team takes a “root-to-stem” approach in the kitchen by turning scraps into amazing dishes. Other scraps get composted and used in our on-site gardens to grow fresh ingredients and start the process all...
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Our Honey Bee Hives

image of honey bee hive
Supporting Our Pollinators We partner with The Best Bees Company and host our own honeybee hives. Our Hobbs Brook location reported the on-site beehives produced 40lbs of honey in 6 months alone. Not only do the hives produce amazing honey, but the bees also provide many ecological benefits, like pollinating our...
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Our Living Micro Farms

image of hydroponic lettuce
Our Living Micro Farms 🌱 Fresh, delicious herbs and vegetables from our Micro-Farms are harvested at the peak of flavor and nutrition to enrich our communities' diningexperience year-round. In just 15 square feet, we can grow and harvest the equivalent of 2,000 square feet of farmland to provide you...
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