The Healthcare Environment

From community hospitals to specialty hospitals, health systems, and healthcare facilities focused on teaching and research, the frontlines of healthcare start with you. And the environment in which you conduct your work is a major driver of your success.

Facilities maintenance and operations must operate seamlessly so you never have to think about things like lighting, heating and cooling, or basic building repairs to roofs, walls, windows, plumbing and the like. And you must be confident that environmental services (EVS) is delivering a clean and hygienic environment while working diligently to prevent the spread of infection.

If you are still trying to provide these services in-house, you know that the latest technology is expensive, and so are supplies and labor. Even if the cost of labor wasn’t a factor, finding reliable, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic employees is a challenge in the current labor market. And if you’ve proposed additional infrastructure to support your technology, you’ve probably run up against IT backlogs, system incompatibilities, and other roadblocks that delay or even derail your best intentions. These days, many healthcare organizations are engaging outside service providers. It can be a great alternative.

The benefits include:

  • Added leverage and scale to reduce the cost of services and supplies.
  • Access to the latest technology and teams of professionals dedicated exclusively to staying on top of the latest science, technology, best practices, and emerging trends in facilities management and EVS.
  • Using another organization’s technology and infrastructure to avoid roadblocks and delays, as well as added costs for your IT department.
  • Reducing the burden of recruitment, retention, training, certification, licensing, and other related activities on your HR department.
  • Added flexibility to scale up or down services – or even make wholesale changes – as necessary in an uncertain economic environment, or to respond to unexpected events like the recent pandemic.

Developing a Better Alternative for Healthcare

Outsourcing can come with its own challenges – primarily, finding the right service provider or combination of service providers to meet your goals and objectives. You might find that smaller, locally based service providers don’t have the leverage to give you much of a cost advantage, struggle with the same labor pool that you have struggled with, or that managing multiple local service providers doesn’t save the time you expected. On the other hand, you may be frustrated with the responsiveness of a global mega-provider that has much bigger accounts to service, or whose service levels drop over time as their shareholders demand ever-larger profits.

However, there’s a better alternative for healthcare. XENDELLA Facilities Management, part of the NEXDINE Hospitality family of service companies, has the leverage to provide cost-effective services and technology. We have the size and reputation to attract high-quality, knowledgeable and experienced staff, committed to careers in facilities management and EVS and are passionate about providing exceptional service. We remain privately held, with leadership that insists on responsive management, constant innovation, and close, strategic relationships with clients. What does this mean for you?

People & Culture Focused

XENDELLA is people-focused, both internally and externally. Internally, we’re committed to providing all of our colleagues the support they need to be their best for each client every day. We know that if we take care of our people, they will take care of our clients, and this ensures the success of our business. So, our top priority is taking care of our people. Not only do they have the resources and support they need, but they also have career paths, cross-training, recognition and rewards programs, a diverse, inclusive, and welcoming culture, and the opportunity to be part of one of the fastest-growing, dynamic, and exciting companies in the industry. And if you haven’t previously outsourced, we can offer those opportunities to your employees who are interested in continuing under our management.

Externally, you will find that our service models are people-focused as well. You can count the number of light bulbs changed by our facilities team, or the frequency of room cleanings by our EVS team, but we also know that what is most important is the comfort, safety, and productivity of the environment we are providing for your employees, for your patients, and for your visitors. This focus on people ensures that our team is committed to solving challenges, innovating, and identifying new ways to serve you better and more effectively.


When it comes to facilities management, technology is one of the biggest factors in driving efficiency, managing costs, and providing exceptional service. Offering industry-leading technology, including mobile solutions, mobile technology, UV-C disinfecting robots, AI-powered floor cleaning machines, and more, XENDELLA makes a scalable, high-tech approach accessible for most hospitals.

Our technology-driven approach powers automated tracking and notification of cleaning progress, efficient scheduling, and convenient submission of work orders. Our EVS technology monitors inventory and automates notifications so supplies never run out and our purchasing leverage can be optimized to control costs. Even XENDELLA’s laundry service utilizes technology that monitors and manages linen usage, inventory, distribution, and related costs to drive efficiency and optimize the user experience.

Of course, our emphasis on technology provides real-time data and analytics that boost efficiency and enables us to personalize experiences and anticipate needs. Predictive analytics, demand forecasting, scheduling optimization, inventory management, and real-time user feedback tracking and alerts mean that we are optimizing efficiency and adjusting our services to provide an amazing experience to your patients, employees, and visitors at all times. It also means that you have visibility into all aspects of operations, which ensures accountability and empowers you to make better business decisions.


Being a responsible member of the community requires a demonstrable commitment to sustainable practices and environmental stewardship. XENDELLA’s technology-driven approach powers our sustainability strategy and supports your sustainability goals and green initiatives.

The facilities management strategies that align with our sustainability objectives include implementing energy-saving measures like LED lighting, smart thermostats, and motion sensors that adjust lighting and environmental controls based on real-time activity. And XENDELLA’s Aquanomics laundry program is proven to reduce both water and energy consumption. Additional water conservation measures in use in our facilities include the use of water-efficient fixtures, like low-flow toilets, faucets, and showerheads.

Waste removal is not only a significant cost for many hospitals and healthcare organizations, but also a problem for communities struggling with landfill capacity. XENDELLA has implemented a variety of strategies to address waste reduction and recycling, like source separation of recyclables, composting organic waste, and reducing single-use plastics. And we collaborate with suppliers to promote sustainable packaging and responsible waste disposal.


When you partner with XENDELLA, you are tapping into a leadership team with decades of industry experience, finely honed expertise, and carefully nurtured networks. XENDELLA is led by Steve Egbert, Senior Vice President. Steve is an industry veteran with more than two decades of experience in hospitality, facilities management and EVS. Throughout his career, he has specialized in serving the needs of hospitals and healthcare clients. But although he has worked for the large global service providers, he sees the opportunity to create something different – a better alternative for healthcare – at XENDELLA.

“The company and culture we have created at XENDELLA is different from anything I’ve experienced in my career,” says Steve. “Our colleagues at all levels are empowered to identify opportunities to improve service, to innovate, and to collaborate with client partners to develop custom facilities management solutions. This means we are thinking outside the box when it comes to healthcare, and not simply repackaging our corporate services for a different market.”

You also benefit from the insight and expertise of Larry Abrams, President & Managing Partner at NEXDINE Hospitality, XENDELLA’s parent company. Larry’s career in hospitality spans nearly three decades and multiple verticals, including senior living, healthcare, education, and corporate environments. Like Steve, Larry had worked for some of the other service providers but saw the opportunity at NEXDINE Hospitality to develop a brand and an organization that offers a better alternative for healthcare.

“Coming out of the pandemic, healthcare is struggling with a whole host of issues related to staffing, revenue and cost control,” says Abrams. “NEXDINE Hospitality offers an integrated approach to services from facilities management and EVS to dining management and integrated wellness that consolidates programs, reduces strain on management resources, and adds leverage to control costs while improving service levels and enhancing your brand.”

Of course, you will also engage directly with David Lanci, Co-founder, Chairman, and CEO of NEXDINE Hospitality, whose vision for a better alternative for healthcare culminated in the integrated services model offered through NEXDINE and XENDELLA. David’s career has spanned the continuum of food service and technology, and he created NEXDINE Hospitality with the vision of creating a people and technology-driven organization that attracts and supports the most passionate and talented hospitality professionals.

“We are uniquely positioned to serve healthcare facilities nationwide and lead the market with our people-centric and technology-driven strategies,” says Lanci. “XENDELLA Facilities Management is simply a better alternative for healthcare.

What Drives Your Success?

XENDELLA offers an integrated service model that simplifies facilities management. Our menu of services for hospitals and health systems includes:

  • Building and grounds maintenance
  • Environmental services
  • Linen and laundry services
  • Patient transport and transportation services
  • Patient sitter
  • Concierge
  • Security
  • Front Desk
  • Information and gift shop management

To learn more about how XENDELLA can be a driver of your success, we invite you to schedule an introductory call or in-person meeting with one of
our representatives. (978) 674-8464