NEXDINE Launches CORFIINTIY to Integrate Dining and Fitness Center Management

NEXDINE, a leading dining management company with headquarters in Mansfield, Massachusetts, and serving clients throughout the U.S., announced the launch of CORFINITY. CORFINITY is a fitness center management division that gives clients single-source management for in-house wellness programs.

“We’re looking at the marketplace today where wellness is a key driver for both the customer and for employers looking to keep their employees healthy,” explains David Chechik, the company’s vice president of growth and retention. “Our focus has always been on food, but for many clients who outsource both food and fitness, integrating the two disciplines to create a comprehensive program has always been a challenge. That integration is what Corfinity is all about the convergence of food and fitness for a comprehensive approach to wellness under a single point of contact.”

CORFINITY is available for corporate locations as well as independent schools, colleges, senior living communities, and hospitals with in-house fitness as well as dining services. The integrated dining and fitness approach is designed to be flexible and customizable to the needs of each client, as well as the employees, students, or residents that they serve.

“Take an individual customer who wants to manage weight loss, or who is an athlete looking for better performance. We would work with them to identify those menu offerings that are best suited to their fitness and wellness objectives,” explains Chechik. “We have the culinary side, the fitness side, and also our director of corporate nutrition and wellness, all participating in the development of these customized programs.”

The program is also designed to work with individual clients’ in-house wellness programs in which employees receive incentives to reach certain wellness goals or engage in healthful activities ranging from exercising to choosing nutritious options in the cafeteria. CORFINITY uses promotions and programs that incentivize employees to eat healthy, drive participation in fitness centers, and become active partners in their wellness.

In recent years, organizations have implemented wellness programs as tangible employee benefits to attract talent, but also to boost the health and productivity of employees. In some cases, employers actively promote their wellness programs to drive down the cost of providing healthcare benefits to employees.

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