World Alzheimer's Month

Fresh Ingredients are used as preventative medicine. A new study published in the American Academy of Neurology found that a diet higher in ultra-processed foods was linked with a higher risk of dementia but substituting unprocessed or minimally processed foods for ultra-processed ones lowered the risk of dementia. In fact, replacing only 10% of ultra-processed food with an equivalent proportion of unprocessed or minimally processed foods, led to a 19% lower risk of dementia. Ultra-processed foods contain food additives that have been shown in other studies to have negative effects on thinking and memory skills.


What are processed foods?
Nutrition research has become increasingly focused on food processing in recent years, but categorizing foods as unprocessed, minimally processed, processed, or ultra-processed remains a challenge, noted Maura Walker, PhD, and Nicole Spartano, PhD, both of Boston University. "For example, foods like soup would be classified differently if canned versus homemade," Walker said. "Plus, the level of processing is not always aligned with diet quality. Plant-based burgers that qualify as high quality may also be ultra-processed." However, a general rule of thumb is ultra-processed foods are high in added sugar, fat, and salt, and low in protein and fiber.


NEXDINE’s Culinary Commitments:
Our culinary commitments are the foundation of our organization, which range from only using fresh locally sourced seasonal ingredients to incorporating legumes and whole grains on our menus. Tying back to the example of soup and plant-based burgers the NEXDINE culinary teams create all those items from scratch thus taking them from the ultra-processed category to unprocessed. Our goal is to use food as preventative medicine throughout all our lines of business to promote a healthy lifestyle and decrease prevalent diseases like Dementia.

A great example of taking it one step above our competitors is the creation of our mozzarella salad. You can see in the photo; our chef is making homemade mozzarella with fresh locally sourced vegetables to create a delicious salad.



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