Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast Cancer Patients Need Access to Nutritious Food Options

During treatment for breast cancer, one of the most important things to remember as a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist is that your patients are eating enough to maintain a healthy weight, preserve muscle mass, and avoid malnutrition. Many of the side effects make it difficult or less enjoyable to eat so patients may have reduced intake. Additionally, cancer treatments often put patients in a hypermetabolic state, meaning they burn through nutrients at a faster rate. Therefore, one of the main concerns is malnutrition. It is important to manage treatment-induced side effects not only to improve comfort and quality of life but also to ensure that the patient is taking in a sufficient amount of nutrients to maintain a healthy weight and provide their body with the fuel needed to continue functioning at an optimal level. NEXDINE’s partners don’t need to worry about the customization of menu options for those going through treatment as all items are made from fresh scratch ingredients. Utilizing scratch ingredients allows Patients, Residents, Guests, and Visitors to customize their orders to better fit their current needs.

Tasteful Plus Program


In addition, to combat malnutrition many people turn to commercial supplementation like Ensure or Boost to keep caloric intake up. These supplements only come in specific flavors and can be monotonous during treatment. However, NEXDINE utilizes enriched foods through our TASTEFUL Plus program. Wholesome favorites that will support the nutritional intake needed to avoid malnutrition in breast cancer patients.