Flexible Contracts and Innovative Partnerships Are Key

Prior to 2020, many offices were centers of productivity as well as social hubs where employees built careers, lives, and social networks. That changed virtually overnight, and employees adapted to build those same structures in remote work environments. Encouraging those employees to willingly and enthusiastically abandon what they spent years creating out of necessity has been challenging, and businesses have employed a variety of return-to-office (RTO) strategies from allowing fully remote work to offering on-demand work and meeting space, hybrid models, or mandating a full-time, on-site presence.

This poses real challenges for companies and their dining and hospitality service providers. Contracts are historically based on anticipated employee populations and revenue projections, with guaranteed subsidies when the client’s desire to offer attractive employee amenities exceeds the price the service provider can charge for the product – a meal in the cafeteria, for example – in that local market.

Is Your Contract Flexible Enough?

Depending on your RTO approach, your needs may be very different than they were prior to 2020. Office populations may fluctuate from day to day, or even hour to hour, making planning and budgeting difficult. Catering, events, and pop-up venues may be taking a more prevalent role. Maybe there is increased demand for grab-n-go or meal takeout options.

Is your current contract flexible enough to accommodate the changes you require in a way that is economical? Is your service provider a proactive and enthusiastic partner that is helping you to identify and implement timely and effective solutions? If the answer to one or both of these questions is “no”, then this is a great time to explore your options.

A New Era

Employees are returning to the office after an extended work-from-home period with a different set of expectations. Companies with optional or hybrid arrangements must demonstrate that their office environment, amenities, and culture make the office an essential environment for success and advancement. The same goes for full-time office employees who know they have options in the current labor market.

You need a dining and hospitality partner that is:

  • Committed to flexible adaptation and innovation as office operations evolve
  • Creative in reigniting the confidence and excitement of employees to return
  • Actively anticipating your needs and identifying opportunities to make your RTO strategy a success

NEXDINE Hospitality is a leader in this new era of flexibility and innovation. We have helped numerous clients re-imagine their programs to offer innovations like:

  • Cafes, coffee shops, and other venues that replicate remote workers’ accustomed meeting environments
  • Catered meetings featuring culinary creations and exceptional service because cold leftovers and remote video calls from the home office just don’t have the same appeal
  • Our continued commitment to fresh and clean ingredients and an emphasis on local and seasonal sourcing
  • Integrated wellness programs that demonstrate your commitment to the total well-being of each employee
  • Technology that makes ordering, pick-up, or even desk-side delivery a breeze
  • Grab-n-go or takeout options for employees to return home as heroes, serving gourmet, restaurant-quality meals while preserving precious family time
  • Cooking demonstrations, farmers markets and wellness events that turn the workplace into social hubs
  • Flexible contracts that offer greater accountability, full transparency, and the ability to bundle additional services for a more economical and streamlined management approach

You Have Options!

As you plan and implement your RTO strategy, remember that when it comes to dining and hospitality services, you have options. Contact NEXDINE Hospitality to schedule an introductory call and see what the NEXDINE Experience and our leadership in innovation and flexibility can mean for you.