Nexdine Volunteers At The Greater Boston Food Bank

Our Guiding Principle, Be thoughtful and Kind, guides our Colleagues in every decision they make, inside and outside our office doors. 

Our NEXDINE Foundation Helping Hands Committee organized a volunteering event at the Greater Boston Food Bank. Together they sorted 10,080 pounds of food during our volunteer session. Our team’s efforts made 8,400 meals possible for many struggling families in the Boston area. To put the number in perspective, 4,368 meals feed a family of 4 for one year! This event is just one example of how our Guiding Principles drive and reflect our Amazing Culture here at NEXDINE Hospitality.

Thank you volunteers and organizers!

Get involved!

The Greater Boston Food Bank works passionately to end hunger across Eastern Massachusetts by providing our neighbors in need the healthy food and resources they need to thrive. Find more info here: