Achieving Senior Living Occupancy Objectives. Here are some Fresh Ideas from NEXDINE.

Partner in Community Tours

What do you emphasize during community tours for prospective residents? For many, it is the dining program. If you don’t feature your dining program because it is not up to the quality you envision, or because your current provider isn’t a full partner in your occupancy strategy, then it’s time for some Fresh Ideas.

Ambassador in the Community

Do you participate in community fairs, Taste of (your town name here) events, or other seasonal activities to promote your community? There is nothing like a cooking demonstration to draw a crowd. The entertainment value of chefs practicing their art, the aromas of fresh food preparation, and the flavors of samples distributed at your booth will have prospects signing up for tours on the spot.

Partner in Reducing Readmissions and Improving Health Outcomes

If you have a community that partners with hospitals and health systems for referrals from acute care into skilled nursing or assisted living, NEXDINE has Fresh Ideas for positioning the dining program to support your commitment to low readmissions and to being a preferred referral source for hospitals and healthcare organizations. Two common causes of readmissions are dehydration, which can lead to urinary tract infections and unprescribed weight loss. NEXDINE offers hydration programs and supplement programs that align with our culinary values to make sure that your residents get the hydration and nutrition they need. Our team members alert your nursing staff to at-risk residents and work with you on appropriate interventions to proactively prevent a crisis that might lead to hospital readmission.

Partner in Branding Your Community

Building a distinctive brand is one of the ways you position your community to compete in your local market. NEXDINE has Fresh Ideas for supporting and building your unique brand to increase your visibility and set your community apart, including

  • Create distinctly branded and unique dining destinations rather than standard dining rooms
  • Create signature menu items that reflect the unique culture of your community
  • Our vegetable and herb gardens bring together multiple generations and elements of the greater community to connect with the earth through good food and shared experience

Your perfectly paired Executive Chef serves as an ambassador to your residents and the greater community, representing your brand at events, chef competitions, prospect tours, and more.

Partner in Customer Retention and Customer Satisfaction

At NEXDINE, we learned long ago that the most important thing we can do is listen respectfully and recognize that the experience of each different individual is real and it is important. We commit to treating all of your residents with the dignity and respect they deserve. They will always remember the way that they were treated and the effort we are willing to make to ensure each resident’s concerns are addressed to their satisfaction. That exceptional service – day in and day out – is the key to customer satisfaction and supports your strategy to retain residents.