Colleague of the Month 

Michael started his journey with Nexdine in 2019 with the idea of growing his knowledge and skill set in the culinary world. Prior to Nexdine, he thrived in many managerial roles. His most recent at the prestigious Lifetime Athletic as a Kitchen Manager for the Westwood, MA location, where he was referred to as, “the gears behind the face of a clock,” making everything work and run smoothly.

He always works with his heart and treats all his clients as if they were family. He believes that when you treat people like family, it develops a more honest and humbling relationship. That is where his passion comes from – engaging with his surroundings and truly making people happy with each plate that is served.

Being able to incorporate his childhood dishes, well- seasoned food, and extreme attention to detail is what’s given him that extra push toward his success. Anticipation for what his future with Nexdine holds is an understatement.