Mansfield, MA, November 09, 2023

NEXDINE HOSPITALITY, an industry leader in dining, facility management, and environmental services for corporate, education, healthcare, and senior living industries, serving retirement communities and world-class organizations across the country, is pleased to announce its acquisition of SIMPLEX HEALTH, a prominent medical nutrition therapy provider based in Philadelphia, PA. This strategic move represents a significant step forward for both companies, enhancing their capacity to deliver exceptional hospitality and healthcare solutions.

The acquisition of SIMPLEX HEALTH is in line with NEXDINE HOSPITALITY’s commitment of delivering integrated solutions for its vast client portfolio. SIMPLEX HEALTH and its AI-enabled, clinically-proven protocols for metabolically challenged patients, combined with NEXDINE’s fresh food philosophy, will deliver a deeply-integrated, clinically-proven dietary solution that reduces healthcare costs and delivers patient-friendly outcomes.


Industry Leading Clinical Outcomes: SIMPLEX HEALTH has world-class, clinically documented medical outcomes for their therapies, leading to improved health conditions for patients and reduced healthcare costs for employers, healthcare facilities, and insurance providers;

Enhanced Expertise: NEXDINE HOSPITALITY will gain access to SIMPLEX HEALTH’s experienced team of doctors, healthcare professionals, and registered dietitians who will drive positive patient outcomes and sustainable behavior change;

Integrated Services: The combined entity will offer an integrated service for addressing metabolic disorders – fresh food and medical nutrition therapy deeply integrated and controlled in a single environment;

Healthcare market need: Healthcare services are rapidly changing across the country. This new service will help providers reduce costs by improving patient outcomes and reducing the need for patient medications;

Industry-leading technology: Both NEXDINE HOSPITALITY and SIMPLEX HEALTH share a strong commitment to investments in technology. SIMPLEX HEALTH uses proprietary, AI-enabled algorithms that guide the clinical decisions and enable them to scale at a rapid pace;

“We are thrilled to welcome SIMPLEX HEALTH to the NEXDINE HOSPITALITY family of Companies,” said David Lanci, CEO of NEXDINE HOSPITALITY. “This strategic acquisition represents an exciting chapter in our company’s growth. We look forward to leveraging SIMPLEX HEALTH’s expertise to improve patients’ and residents’ lives by combining their unique service model with our Fresh From Scratch™ approach.”

From SIMPLEX HEALTH CEO, David Rambo, “This is a truly special partnership bolstered by strong philosophical alignment and shared vision to advance a necessary paradigm shift in the markets we collectively serve – improving outcomes, increasing health spans, and reducing costs”.

The acquisition of SIMPLEX HEALTH and its strategic disruptive nature, clearly differentiates NEXDINE HOSPITALITY, and puts it in a class of its own, relative to its competition.

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David Chechik
Executive Vice President, Growth and Retention
NEXDINE Hospitality


NEXDINE HOSPITALITY is a USA-based, premier hospitality company, specializing in providing a wide range of hospitality and support services, including dining, catering, and facility management solutions.

With a commitment to excellence and a customer-centric approach, NEXDINE HOSPITALITY has become a trusted partner for clients seeking superior hospitality services.


SIMPLEX HEALTH is a leading healthcare and dietary services provider based in Philadelphia, PA. With a focus on delivering top-notch healthcare management and dietary solutions.

SIMPLEX HEALTH has established a strong reputation, and industry-leading clinical outcomes for its dedication to simple, yet effective dietary and healthcare solutions.