Dining Management Company Re-brands, Expands Leadership Team and Services

Mansfield, MA – September 18, 2020

NEXDINE, a premier provider of dining and hospitality services based in Mansfield, Massachusetts, announced changes aimed at building its leadership team, portfolio of service offerings, and market presence ahead of a national expansion that launches today. These changes include the re-branding of the privately-held company as the NEXDINE Hospitality Group, emphasizing an expanded suite of capabilities to offer comprehensive food and hospitality services to clients in Corporate, Education, Senior Living, and Healthcare.

“While some companies look to retrench as a result of the pandemic and economic contraction, NexDine sees — and is seizing — the opportunity to reinvent the company, enter new markets, and expand the expertise and support we offer our clients across all the markets we serve,” said NEXDINE’s CEO, David Lanci.

New Markets & New Services

Building on the company’s core success as a premier provider of dining management services to clients in Corporate and Education from Maine to Virginia, NEXDINE has previously added services for Senior Living and Healthcare markets, along with new services like Corfinity, a division that manages in-house fitness centers, integrating dining and fitness for a comprehensive approach to wellness.

“Our entry into Senior Living and Healthcare was in response to organizations that approached us because of our reputation for excellence in our traditional core markets,” said Lanci.” We found the experience of serving these communities deeply satisfying and quickly built our leadership team and infrastructure to deliver world-class service to clients in Senior Living and Healthcare nationwide.”

Recent Additions to NEXDINE’s Leadership Team

NEXDINE’s senior leadership team has expanded to include Larry Abrams, President and Managing Partner. Abrams brings more than 25 years of healthcare, senior living, education, and corporate dining leadership to NEXDINE. He is highly respected throughout the industry for innovation and tireless commitment to service excellence.