Colleague of the Month 

I became a chef because I wanted to channel my love and passion for food and make a career out of it. I love to socialize, entertain people, and share my knowledge of food and cooking. One of the perks of being a Chef is that you can work anywhere in the world. The profession lets you experience different countries, different cultures, learn different techniques, and styles of cooking.

There are two people who were instrumental in my life. My dad and an executive chef at the hotel where I started my career. My dad is a food enthusiast and on weekends, he would take me and my sisters to the market to buy meat, fish, and produce. My dad would have us help him with prep which grew our bond and my passion for cooking. Andrew was the executive chef at the hotel where I started my career. He was my mentor and persuaded me to advance my skills by enrolling to the Culinary Institute of America.

I’m a foodie because I love to cook, eat, and try new foods. Whenever someone tells me of a great place to eat or I hear about it on social media, I don’t mind travelling 100’s of miles just to experience it. When I cook, I try to hunt down the highest quality ingredients. When I eat out, I look for exotic flavors to expand my palette and try to seek out something that I haven’t had before. I guess I’m an adventurous foodie, always going out of my way to seek out the new, the unusual and the exotic.