Return-to-office success requires unprecedented flexibility and innovation that NEXDINE is using to disrupt the contract foodservice marketplace.

There is a lot at stake for companies planning and implementing return-to-office strategies. Do you have the right dining, catering, and hospitality services partner?

Employees returning after an extended work-from-home period return to the office with a different set of expectations. Companies with optional or hybrid arrangements must prove that their office environment, amenities, and culture make the office an essential environment for success and advancement. The same goes for full-time office employees who know they have options in the current labor market. You need a dining and hospitality partner that is:
  * Committed to flexibility and innovation as office operations scale-up
  * Creative in reigniting the confidence and excitement of employees in the office environment
  * Actively anticipating your needs and identifying opportunities to make your return-to-office strategy a success

Last year, identifying why NEXDINE was chosen as a Top Riser in their 2021 Top 50 Contract Management Companies feature, Food Management wrote about our, “measures ranging from ghost kitchen restaurant pop-ups, theme menus available through online ordering, and making groceries, sundries and personal care items available for purchase in its cafes, to developing meal kits to-go for in-home dining curated snack packs delivered monthly to work-from-home employees and creating a touchless buffet catering menu with individually packaged, self-contained, single-serve catering options.

If we have the innovation and flexibility to serve the needs of our clients and continue to grow through the darkest days of the pandemic, imagine how that same innovation and flexibility can support your return-to-office strategy. Click the link to learn more about how the NEXDINE Experience can support you.