NEXDINE Hospitality Expands to Denver, CO

NEXDINE Expands Presence in Denver

NEXDINE’s rapidly growing presence in Denver means senior living communities throughout the Denver metropolitan area can experience the same elevated levels of dining and hospitality services that make Denver and mid-western hospitality legendary.

In Denver, the spicy flavors of Mexican cuisine are prevalent, and saloons have been replaced with micro-breweries, distilleries and wine gardens that feature fresh and innovative farm-to-table fare. But the region’s growing diversity is sparking a profusion of ethnic delights from the great culinary traditions of the Mediterranean, Southeast Asia, Africa and the Caribbean as well. When you partner with NEXDINE Hospitality, the residents of your senior living community experience the elevated dining and hospitality services that evoke their love of Denver, and their love of your community.

Why Choose NEXDINE?

The NEXDINE Experience is our framework for curating the perfect dining and hospitality experience for your senior living community. With People and Culture at the core, the framework keeps us focused on what we know is important for you and your residents. The result is a comprehensive and holistic view of dining and hospitality services that you won’t find anywhere else.

NEXDINE delivers innovative, strategic solutions that solve your most pressing challenges.

Reduce Turnover

Even before the pandemic, turnover was a major challenge for many senior living communities. NEXDINE has an excellent reputation in the industry for offering careers that support the passion and creativity of dining and hospitality professionals, provide opportunities for advancement, and leverage our size and scale to offer competitive compensation and benefits packages. This means that we attract and retain the best culinary and hospitality professionals in the industry. You’ll never worry about turnover in dining and hospitality services again.

Higher Culinary Standards

Are your freezers full, but your residents hungry for a fresh, authentic meal made from scratch? Fresh, authentic food is better. It tastes better. It retains more of the natural nutrition and health benefits of the fresh ingredients. And cooking with fresh, local, seasonal ingredients is a much more sustainable and community-supportive approach to your dining program.

Learn More About Our Food

When you partner with NEXDINE, the residents of your Denver senior living community will enjoy:

  • 100% fresh ingredients responsibly sourced from trusted purveyors and growers
  • Small-batch cooking using only the finest quality ingredients and finished as close to point of service as possible
  • House-roasted meats, line-caught seafood, and house-made soups and salad dressings
  • Delicious food that is free from trans-fats, antibiotics, and GMOs
  • Custom signature menu selections that feature local and seasonal ingredients

Integrated Dining & Wellness Programming

Residents of senior living are more focused than ever on wellness and how wellness strategies support their desire to reduce stress, address or avoid chronic health issues, and escape the chaotic and frenetic pace of life in the modern world. At NEXDINE, we customize our flexible wellness platform to offer a variety of programs, services and features including:

  • Menus and selections that make healthy lifestyle choices easy
  • Educational programming and friendly fitness and nutrition challenges
  • On-site gardens and farmers markets that emphasize the connection between wellness and fresh, seasonal, local ingredients
  • Technology, from integrated apps to online menus and nutritional information, that supports a purposeful approach to wellness
  • CORFINITY, a NEXDINE Hospitality company that specializes in fitness, wellness, and lifestyle services

Financial and Operational Transparency

Are you frustrated you don’t have the real-time insight into dining program costs and operations that you need to make good business decisions? Are you challenged with not being able to effectively measure performance outcomes of your dining operations? When you partner with NEXDINE, we are committed to maintaining the technology and infrastructure to ensure you have the real-time data and insight you want – without the big investment in capital and other resources.

Our Senior Hospitality Services in Denver Support Your Success

Senior Living Dining Services in Denver, CO

A large mission-driven Lifeplan Community in the Midwest was struggling to deliver quality and consistency in their dining program. Turnover in the staff was impacting service delivery. A high proportion of meals were from prepared, frozen entrees. And concerns were being raised about cleanliness and sanitation in the kitchen. Resident complaints were on the rise, and the community’s census and brand reputation were suffering as a result.

The community cared deeply about its residents, continued to maintain high-quality healthcare, social and spiritual programming, but knew that the dining program was undermining the other positive aspects of life in the community. And after making a few inquiries, they reached out to NEXDINE.

NEXDINE’s solution included:

  • A culinary program featuring 100% fresh, seasonal ingredients
  • New menus developed specifically for the community and delicious meals made from scratch
  • Customized service models for different levels of care, including assisted living, skilled nursing, memory care and rehabilitation residents
  • A 24×7 market using self-checkout point-of-sale technology
  • A strategic marketing plan for driving resident engagement and satisfaction
  • Upgraded dining venues
  • A guaranteed pay-for-performance arrangement with transparency into costs and operations, and management fee at risk based on meeting Key Performance Indicators

As a result, resident satisfaction has jumped. And as word has spread about the new program, the waitlist to enter the assisted living community has grown. The community markets the success of NEXDINE’s TASTEFUL fresh food texture-modified food program, and fresh food supplement program to acute care providers to increase referrals to its skilled nursing facility. Program revenue has also spiked from the 24×7 market. And the Key Performance Indicators have made it easy for the community to understand how NEXDINE is performing, resulting in a strong strategic relationship. They are currently expanding the relationship to include additional services from NEXDINE’s XENDELLA Facilities Management and CORFINITY for fitness, integrated wellness, and lifestyle management.

Speak to a Consultant to see how we can help you succeed.

To learn more about how the NEXDINE Experience can improve the quality and consistency of your dining program, and support the success of your community through our innovative strategic partnerships, contact NEXDINE today for a no-risk, no-obligation consultation.